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+ I’m a feminist, I’m not a man hater

feminist ≠ man hater (= misogynist man hater)

feminist = wants equality for all women AND men, both genders to be VALUED EQUALLY

And just because I’m a feminist that doesn’t mean I want all women to be strong, hardcore warriors. But nor do I want all women to dress sexily with a lot of cleavage and be girly girls. I want all women to identify themselves as female THEIR way, without being judged by society. If a woman wants to have an active sex life, let her! It’s her life and none of your business! Neither is it your business if she doesn’t want to have sex at all, it’s HER choice! Same goes for her career choices, if she wants to be a housewife or join the navy, that’s HER choice! Let a woman be a woman, HER way.